About us

We have introduced SPR/ GiriRatna Hikers group only to motivate people for trekking on non profit basis.

We all are bound by one thing in common:-Passion and Passion for trekking,affection for meeting good people.

It is a group of like minded people who are interested in trekking, hiking.

We are all lovers of Trekking , Biking, Nature Trails, Photography, Rock Climbing, Rafting & other allied adventure activities.

With a common spirit in mind , a common approach and under a common name-SPR/GiriRatna.

We personally went and met needy people in rural area.We also met childrens in rural area school and provided them with books and clothes.This will continue throughout the year.

We invite you all to this budding community and help us grow into a beautiful wild flower.

Be a Miracle of nature!
Start Dreaming,
Exploring & Discovering New Horizons.!!!